Editorial: Volunteering to Serve Bahrain in "Coronavirus Ordeal" an Honor Not to be Abandoned by Bahrainis

2020-03-18 - 7:00 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The reality and true essence of a human being is revealed in crises and the most pure-hearted of people appear to treat the homeland as their first lover; whenever it needs them, it finds them at its beck and call no matter what happens, says the son of a political prisoner after he registered his name among the volunteers to join efforts to fight the coronavirus epidemic in the country.

Today is not the day to express loyalty or opposition (to the regime), it is a crucial moment in which hands must come together to defend the souls of the people in this land, citizens and residents alike.

Bahrainis of all walks of life are proving their true love for this land. Only a few hours after the national team for combating the coronavirus announced opening the doors for volunteering in the national campaign for combating the virus, more than 12,000 volunteers registered their names, and the number is still increasing amid a rare agreement between different spectra of society in Bahrain in order to confront the spread of this epidemic. 

Facing this epidemic needs large numbers, as was the case in China. It requires teams that are ready to support the medical cadre, help with disinfection, and offer their services in the isolation unit, and in every field where the nation needs them.

Today is Bahrain's day, so there is no place for hesitation despite the serious criticisms against the authorities on many issues. The issue of confronting an evil such as this pandemic sees no place for division and rivalry, but is rather an opportunity for everyone to support one another, and for different parties to see each other from a new, calmer and clearer angle.

Today there is no space for political gain, incitement or sedition. Today, people need to be rescued and the country needs actions rather than media flexing or fake heroism.

Al-Wefaq's initiative, launched in its latest statement, in which it called on citizens to volunteer to assist medical efforts, is a new opportunity for the inclusive patriotic spirit to prevail, for Bahrainis to hold hands again and for new paths to be paved for them to reunite again.

The first case of death due to the spread of coronavirus has shown that the danger extends to fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children, and that unity to face this imminent danger is the first and last chance for any society willing to survive this ordeal that humanity is facing at this moment.

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