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In First Statement after his Release: Nabeel Rajab Says He'll Commit to Serving Alternative Penalty at Gov't Institution

2020-06-13 - 7:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: In his first comment after his release on June 9, 2020, Nabeel Rajab stressed via his Instagram page that he will complete serving his punishment at a governmental institution, without disclosing its name. "I have been released from Jaw Prison to finish my sentence at another location, at a governmental institution within the framework of alternative penalty conditions which was issued by the King's initiative."

Rajab explained that he will abide by the terms of this law during the remaining three years of his sentence, and will seek to make this project successful. "I, and all who benefited from this law, have to abide by its terms during the remaining years of my sentence, and I will seek through the tools available to make this project successful and support it for humanitarian reasons."

Rajab thanked his beloved people and all who congratulated him saying: "Here I am, writing after more than 4 years of suspension. I thank everyone who asked or wrote about me, stood in solidarity with me, or congratulated me on my release whether via a direct call or by calling one of my family members, or even through messages, which had a positive impact on me and all loved ones and human rights defenders."

Rajab didn't receive congratulators due to the current pandemic. People close to him created an e-group on social media outlets to send him congratulations. In this regard, Rajab wrote "I am sad that I can't meet you in these difficult circumstances the country is witnessing due to the pandemic, which I hope will disappear quickly, especially since I have a weak immune system and chronic diseases that I have been afflicted with in recent years. Your health means a lot to me and I do not want to be the cause of any disease that would infect you. This disease requires the solidarity of all people."

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