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Rajab: Political Prisoners Recorded Success in Implementing Alternative Penalties, Everyone Deserves Other Chance in Life

2020-06-18 - 9:01 am

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Nabeel Rajab said that the political detainees who were released under the Alternative Penalties Law have made success in implementing the alternative action, indicating that those returned to prison are criminal prisoners who have violated the law.

"Few of those released under the Alternative Penalties Law were sent back to jail over violations and new legal breaches, most of whom were convicted in criminal cases like drugs and other cases," Rajab said via his Instagram page. He added that the released political prisoners were the most to record success in applying these measures, noting that they were arrested over political cases related to 2011 events. "None of them has sent back to prison," he noted.

He added that this success will motivate and encourage the competent authorities to release more prisoners.

Rajab stressed that he is interested in the success of the implementation of this law, not only for political issues, which are temporary, but for all prisoners, as everyone deserves other opportunities in life.

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