Prominent Lawyer Abdullah Al-Shemlawi Sentenced to 8 Months in Jail over two Tweets, Bail to Stop Execution of Sentence

2020-07-01 - 5:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini court issued on Tuesday (June 30, 2020) 8-month jail term against prominent lawyer Abdullah Al-Shemlawi over two tweets he posted on his own Twitter account.

Al-Shemlawi said that the court set 100 BD as bail for each case to stop the execution.

A court had sentenced Al-Shemlawi to 6 months in jail over a tweet in which he criticized fasting in Ashura as a sign of joy for the death of Imam Al-Hussein bin Ali, and 2 months in jail over another tweet in which he criticized distributing housing units to newly-naturalized Asians. 

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