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Former King of Spain Decides to Leave his Country after Allegations of Receiving Millions of Dollars from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain

2020-08-05 - 8:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: Spain's former king Juan Carlos has decided to leave his country, a dramatic exit designed to protect the monarchy after a barrage of corruption allegations surfaced against him.

In June, Spain's Supreme Court opened an investigation into Juan Carlos's involvement with a high-speed rail contract in Saudi Arabia after Switzerland's La Tribune de Geneve newspaper reported he had received $100 million from Saudi Arabia's late King Abdullah.

News reports also mentioned that King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa, granted Juan Carlos about $2 million.

The palace statement quoted Juan Carlos' letter to Felipe as saying that he wanted to enable him to rule untroubled "amid the public repercussions that certain past events in my private life are generating".

"Guided by my desire to do what is best to serve the Spanish people, its institutions and you as king, I am informing you of my ... decision to leave Spain at this time."

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