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Bahraini Khawla Matar Injured in Beirut's Port Blast

2020-08-05 - 8:52 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Khawla Matar of Bahrain, the UN Deputy Special Envoy for Syria, was injured in the explosion that happened at Beirut's port yesterday, August 4, 2020.

People close to Khawla, who lives in Gemmayze area near the port, said that she was standing in the balcony when the explosion blasted and pushed her inisde. She sustained minor injuries in her body and fractures in her hand, as a result of glass shattering.

Since yesterday, Khawla's acquaintances and friends have been trying to check on her by calling her, but they received no answer.

People close to her indicate that she is in the hospital amid a large number of injuries. Her apartment was severely damaged by the blast. Bahrainis were saddened by the horrific explosion that rocked Beirut yesterday, and expressed, through social media outlets, their deep sadness at what happened.

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