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Al-Daihi Addresses Palestinians: If It wasn't for Fierce Repression, You would have seen all Bahraini Squares Filled with Palestine Flags

2020-09-13 - 1:52 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi addressed the Palestinian people saying "We say to the dear Palestinian people that the sons of Bahrain can't be a tool in executing the normalization crime and its project. The Bahraini regime has individually decided to normalize relations with Israel. Don't be deceived by its formal councils or exclusionary press. If it wasn't for fierce repression, you would have seen all Bahraini squares filled with Palestine flags."

"Normalization confirms what is certain, that these regimes pose a threat to their countries, peoples and the nation, by implementing disruptive agendas against the interests of our Arab and Islamic countries and peoples. Whoever follows the events of the past ten years notes the magnitude of recklessness and rush towards more mistakes and crises at political, economic, security, military, social, moral and humanitarian levels, which aims to exhaust all the strengths of our countries and our nation," Al-Daihi expressed via his Twitter account.

"What is happening requires an Arab and Islamic awakening to recognize that this project is against the Arab and Islamic people and against their interests, their present and their future. Stop manipulating the minds of Arab and Islamic people and dragging them into imaginary battles to achieve satanic goals, as is happening now in the normalization with the Zionist entity."

"The priority is fixed, removing this entity from existence," he stressed.

Sheikh Al-Daihi stated "Authoritarian regimes rushing towards normalization with the Zionist entity is a historic crime that reveals a form of the role and task assigned to these regimes by their main operator."

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