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Political Prisoner Abbas Malallah Dies in Jaw Prison, amid Coronavirus Spread and Starvation

Martyr Abbas Malallah
Martyr Abbas Malallah

2021-04-07 - 3:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Interior announced on April 6, 2021 through a statement issued by the Prisons Directorate, the death of 50-year-old political prisoner, Abbas Hasan Malallah, who is from the Nuwaidrat area, married and has three children.

Malallah has been imprisoned for more than ten years. He was arrested during the "National Safety" period in March 2011, and then sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The Interior Ministry's Prisons Directorate claimed that "inmate, Abbas Hassan Ali (50), died a natural death early this morning, after suffering a heart attack, per the coroner's report."

"The inmate fell unconscious after exiting the bathroom, so he was immediately transferred to the infirmary and the necessary first aid was administered, until his health condition stabilized," added the statement, noting that he died upon his transfer to Salmaniya Hospital.

The Prisons Directorate claimed that the late political prisoner "did not suffer from any chronic diseases," and that "his last medical check-up was at the center's clinic on September 20, 2020, when he was complaining of ear pain."

Activists posted a documented statement published by Al-Wasat newspaper in 2012, made by Abdul-Shahid, martyr Abbas Malallah's brother, complaining about the prison denying his brother treatment for shotgun pellet (birdshot) injuries, adding that he also suffered from a colon disease and stomach ulcers.

The martyr's brother says in his statement to Al-Wasat at the time that his brother "suffers from colon and stomach ulcers, and complains that he hasn't been receiving the necessary treatment and medical care inside the detention center, in addition to the severe pain he suffers from in his lower back that extends to his legs, as a result of the shotgun pellet that was fired at him at close range during his arrest. He also suffers from bruises on the face and chest as a result of the beating he was subjected to. He was unconscious, and remained in the intensive care unit for more than a week."


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