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Sheikh Al-Daihi Criticizes Turning Bahrain into Quarantine for Other States

2021-05-19 - 8:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi criticized the government's decision to turn Bahrain into "quarantine for other countries by welcoming expatriates who are heading to other countries under the excuse of "Safe Passage".

"National and humanitarian responsibility requires us to refuse to turn Bahrain into a quarantine for other countries by welcoming expatriates going to other countries under the excuse of "Safe Passage". Prioritizing economic interests over national health interests leads to an uncalculated risk to citizens and residents," Al-Daihi tweeted via his Instagram account.

"It is the regime's responsibility to manage the health and economic decision that led to this health deterioration caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus epidemic," he added.

Al-Daihi wondered whether these new measures related to the tourism sector reflect a clear disregard for people's lives.

Sheikh Al-Daihi said that the government dealt in a malicious way with the issue of detainees and the Coronavirus and did the same with the case of Bahrainis who were stranded outside Bahrain at the beginning of the pandemic and turned the crisis into an opportunity for political retaliation. However, today the government economic interests justify turning Bahrain today into a "safe passage" for other countries and putting Bahrainis lives in danger.

 "The policy that takes into account the economy in the first place and put people's lives to danger reminds us of savage capitalism," he said.

"At a time Bahrain is disregarding people's lives, it stresses the need for citizens to abide by strict medical precautions to preserve the country's health security."

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