Editorial: We, Bahrainis, Want to Breathe

2021-06-11 - 7:14 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Every one of us is an imminent danger. This is how the regime sees us, or to be more precise, this is how the ruling family and its tribal council see us.

The outstanding youth is a security danger, the hardworking employee is a danger, the old retiree is a danger, the dedicated mother is a danger, our teachers, intellectuals, doctors, engineers, technicians, and every talented or skilled person is a security threat in the eyes of the regime.

Anyone who is classified as a danger will face obstacles in his journey. His road will be bumpy and his life will be difficult. His funeral will not be allowed to be held if it is deemed a danger too.

We, Bahrainis, want to breathe. We are losing one life after another. Everyone who attempts to breathe is killed.

There is no realistic outcome for excellence in our country, you will not receive a scholarship even if your average is 100%. The academic certificate is not beneficial as well because it is not a criterion for employment, no promotion awaits you even if you were a hard worker.

The effect of your free word will be like that of a buzzing bee, while dealing with the authorities without hypocrisy affects your patriotism, and exposes you as a "traitor".

Everyone in this country hopes to breathe; the free want to breathe, the prisoners want to breathe, and the exiled want to breathe too.

Free breathing in Bahrain is restricted to people who are not punished by law. Free speech is only allowed for giving praise, and free action is only allowed for giving applause.

Bahrain's first inspiration can only be one of them [the ruling family and the regime], the military leader, the successful politician and diplomat, the brilliant speaker, the thinker and the athlete.

Martyr Hussein Barakat said "I can't breathe" before he passed away. They took everything from him, they scattered his family and deprived them of the right to receive a house from the Housing Ministry. They deprived his family of everything.

To Hussein Barakat we say: No one can breathe in Bahrain.

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