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I was Injected with Toxic Substance that Led to Stroke: Opposition MP Osama Al-Tamimi

2021-07-01 - 3:57 am

Bahrain Mirror: Former MP Osama Al-Tamimi accused Bahraini authorities of injecting him with a toxic substance during his arrest, which led to him having a stroke.

Al-Tamimi said in an audio recording that what happened to him years ago and still happening to this day is a price he, his family and his children are paying for defending democracy in Bahrain.

"I was subjected to two attempts to physically liquidate me as well as the destruction of my livelihood by [them] burning and destroying all my property and freezing my bank accounts," he said.

He stressed that the authorities fabricated malicious charges against him even while he was in intensive care, in retaliation against him and his family, noting that his brothers were dismissed from their jobs.

"My house was raided several times, doors were broken, my children were terrorized day and night, and expelled from schools," he added.

Al-Tamimi went on to say that he "was injected with poison while in detention, which led to several diseases, such as stroke in the brain and heart, cancer and kidney failure."


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