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Israeli delegation visits Bahrain, Al-Fateh Mosque

2021-12-27 - 8:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: An Israeli delegation visited Bahrain, toured the Al-Fateh Mosque in Al-Juffair area and took commemorative photos there, photos and videos posted on social media showed.

Photos and videos showed the delegation in front of Al-Fateh Mosque's main entrance. One of the tour guides told the delegation in the English Language that this is the largest mosque in Bahrain and the only one where non-Muslims are allowed to enter and take photos.

The naturalized Mohammad Al-Daribi accompanied the Israeli delegation. He is one of those who visited the occupying territories among a Bahraini delegation close to the government. 

Al-Daribis' circulated photos praying muslim prayers in front of the Wailing Wall provoked thousands of Arabs and Muslims around the world.

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