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Public Prosecution Renews Detention of 6 Children for Seventh Time Despite HRW Criticism

2022-02-02 - 11:34 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Public Prosecution renewed on Wednesday (February 2, 2022) the detention of 6 children from Sitra over the charge of attacking guard patrols.

This is the seventh time the prosecution renews the detention of 6 children (including 3 brothers) for one week.

The children are: Mohammad Jaafar Al-Kuwaiti (15 years), Moqtada Jaafar Al-Kuwaiti (15 years), Montazar Jaafar Al-Kuwaiti (14 years), Ahmad Fadel Ahmad Hubail (15 years) and Mohammad Abdulzahraa Mansour (15 years) and Ali Hussein Mansour (14 years).

The Public Prosecution justified the continued detention of these children saying that the report of a social expert at the interior ministry stated that "Children have aggressive attitudes towards society, and their actions result from rebellion and indifference."

Bill Vanesveld, associate children's rights director at Human Rights Watch in the Middle East and North Africa, questioned how Bahrain's Corrective Justice Law for Children is implemented, with the continued detention of 6 children.

He stressed that this case would be pursued specifically by the international organization, in case the detention of children is renewed, which really happened.

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