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Al-Wefaq: Israeli PM Visit to Bahrain is Declaration of Constitution Expiry

2022-02-16 - 5:18 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that the visit of Israeli Prime Minister to Bahrain is a declaration of the constitution's expiry.

It underlined that Bennett came to Bahrain as an invader, not a visitor. "All the people of Bahrain reject and condemn this betrayal," it stated.

Al-Wefaq added that "this visit is a declaration of the expiry of the constitution and a loss of future eligibility because they confiscated the constitution and violated all customs and covenants in a clear message that they do not stand with Bahrain but with the Zionist entity, because the step has nothing to do with Bahrain, neither on the popular nor constitutional levels."

"We confirm that if the people of Bahrain were allowed to express their views, none would have remained indoors and the streets would have been filled, however, the security siege, oppression and police state which control the people with an iron first prevent this."

"What is happening crosses all red lines, an attack on Bahrain's sovereignty, a breach of all covenants and a provocation to Bahrain and all the peoples of our Arab and Islamic world and all free people," it stressed.

 Al-Wefaq said: "We announce to the world that the choices of all the people of Bahrain are not in line with its rulers, but the authoritarian regime imposes its choices by force and militarization as it moves from failure to failure and from a crisis to crisis to escape the overwhelming demand for justice and democratic transition that has become an irreversible and necessary demand."

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