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Amnesty International Researcher: Sheik Ali Salman is Voice of Moderation in Bahraini Opposition

2022-03-06 - 3:02 am

Bahrain Mirror: Amnesty International researcher Devin Kenny said that the Bahraini government's message from the continued imprisonment of Al-Wefaq Secretary-General means that any attempt of compromise will be met with life imprisonment.

Kenney said that Salman is a voice of moderation in the Bahraini opposition, indicating that  Al-Wefaq made serious sacrifices to engage in political participation and debate with the Bahraini government.

He expressed his bewilderment at Sheikh Salman's continued detention, noting that the interest of Bahrain and its allies requires otherwise.

In a virtual symposium organized by the Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain, Kenney said that Salman's arrest came in order to push discourse into more unhealthy directions.

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