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Egyptian Authorities Prevent Bahraini Dissident from Entering their Territories, Deport Him after Detaining him for Hours

2022-04-23 - 11:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Egyptian authorities banned Bahraini dissident, Fadhel Abbas, from entering their territories after detaining him for hours.

Former Secretary-General of Al-Wahdawi Society, Fadhel Abbas, recounted what happened to him through his Twitter account once he arrived at an Egyptian airport coming from Bahrain. "Isolation in Cairo Airport's detention room for 6 hours without a cell phone, private luggage and even the belt. Isolating someone from the outer world is an arbitrary detention without legitimate reasons and is contrary to international law and human rights charters."

He added "At the passport checkpoint, the employee asks you to take the entry or transit visa, and after you pay the fees, you get detained at the passport checkpoint and then you get informed of the deportation decision without returning the money you paid for the visa. If I was not allowed to cross, why am I being asked to pay the visa fees?"

"We appreciate the Egyptian people. Egypt, its people and civilization are greater than any regime. If the Sisi regime prevents us from entering Egypt, he will not be able to prevent Egypt from entering our hearts."

In 2015, the Bahraini authorities arrested Fadhel Abbas for 3 years after announcing a stance opposing the Gulf-Saudi war on Yemen. He was released in March 2018 after serving his prison term.

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