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Al-Wefaq: We Consider Pope's Demands National Document for Tolerance and Pluralism

2022-11-05 - 12:58 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq, Bahrain's largest opposition society, announced its support for "what was mentioned in Pope Francis speech on Bahrain's need for the practical implementation of the set of rules and foundations related to freedoms, cessation of discrimination and respect for human rights."

Al-Wefaq noted in a statement "We appreciate what his Holiness Pope Francis stated, as he spoke out on the need to promote equal rights and ensure respect and attention to all those who feel on the margins of society as prisoners, demanding the abolition of death penalty and the guarantee of basic human rights for all citizens."

"We agree with what Pope Francis said, and we call for a serious project to stop discrimination and allow freedoms. Pope Francis launched a package of necessary and important humanitarian values and rules related to the political, human rights and humanitarian reality in Bahrain during his historic speech on his first visit to Bahrain."

"We emphasize the accuracy and objectivity of what the Pope mentioned and affirm that the reality is even worse, and we stress that this crisis reality needs real practical action as the Pope demanded," the society stressed. 

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