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Al-Wefaq Issues "Monopoly of Power" Booklet on Sheikh Ali Salman's Plea

2023-02-24 - 11:40 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq issued a booklet for its detained Secretary-General, Sheikh Ali Salman, entitled "Monopoly of Power", in which it relied on Sheikh Salman's "Home Plea" which he wrote in prison on October 14, 2015, and diagnosed Bahrain's problem and ways to solve it.

The 18-page booklet consists of an introduction that includes an explanation of the circumstances of Sheikh Salman's arrest, the sentences issued against him, excerpts from his pleadings and the society's comment on them, and 4 chapters entitled as follows: "Evidence of the monopoly of power", "Powers of the king", "The ruling family", and "The Legislative Authority".

Al-Wefaq pointed out in the booklet's introduction that Sheikh Salman "did not see his imprisonment as personal issue, but rather viewed it as the issue of a homeland that lives under the weight of corruption since its independence until today. He believes that his case provides a model for the suffering of the people from a painful reality."

Sheikh Salman considered that "diagnosing the problem in Bahrain requires boldness in presentation and objectivity in reading texts and facts," explaining that "the main problem which Bahrain has suffered from throughout its history and continues to suffer from enables the monopoly of power and makes it in the hands of a few individuals who individually take political decision and deprive the people of active participation in decision making."

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