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Al-Wefaq to IPU: Bahrain which Hosts Your Conference Lacks Parliament that Reflects Citizens' Will

2023-03-04 - 4:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq sent an open letter to the MPs participating in the Inter-Parliamentary Union which will be held in Bahrain, on March 11, 2023, in which it called on them to "tackle the reality of the stifling and unstable parliamentary, political and human rights environment in Bahrain."

In its letter, Al-Wefaq said that "the host country of the IPU conference entitled "Promoting peaceful coexistence and inclusive societies: fighting intolerance" does not have a real parliament that reflects the citizens' will."

Al-Wefaq stressed that "the real representatives of the people in Bahrain are behind bars, in exile and on political trials because of their demands for a real legislative authority that has full powers," noting that "the head of the largest bloc in the history of the Bahraini parliament, Sheikh Ali Salman, is now in the prisons of the Bahraini regime and is serving a 29-year prison sentence for his peaceful and civilized views calling for legislative and political reform, and so is the case with MP Sheikh Hasan Isa."

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