Prime Minister Preoccupied with Ramzan Al-Nuaimi's Songs while 800 Prisoners on Hunger Strike

2023-09-11 - 11:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: What is the stance of the Prime Minister of Bahrain regarding what's happening in Jaw Central Prison? Does the Prime Minister deny the deteriorating humanitarian crisis, in which more than 800 prisoners of conscience have been on hunger strike for a month?

A whole month has passed, and the prisoners' health is suffering. One of the strikers vomited blood and was taken by ambulance to the hospital in a serious condition. Is it possible that the Prime Minister goes to sleep leaving this file for the Minister of the Interior to deal with, who will go so far as to cause a prisoner's death if possible, without hesitation?

There is a frightening silence without any explanation, as this is the biggest crisis that Bahrain is going through after the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, a humanitarian crisis that wise people warned may turn into a humanitarian tragedy. No one really knows how reasonable people reach the prime minister, as he does not have a weekly, monthly or even annual council.

A premier who does not meet with people, a premier who is deliberately distant from the Bahraini public, so whom do the affected families, whose children are dying between this hour and the next, resort to?

Did the Prime Minister read or know about the letter sent to him by 79 national figures urging him to intervene? Does he have a positive or negative response to it?

While Western embassies make visits between human rights institutions designed by the British ally such as the Ombudsman and the Prisoners' Commission, the Prime Minister remains completely silent.

It has been 30 full days, the world's most important media agencies published news about the largest hunger strike of prisoners only demanding purely humanitarian demands, however, only one move by the Prime Minister was observed when he met with Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah, praised him and renewed confidence in him and his officers. That's why the crisis became more complicated and worse.

Whom would the people resort to if their prime minister was only interested in an event in the last few weeks, inaugurating the main studio of the Bahrain TV News Center, the building of the private radio studios of the Ministry of Information complex, and talking to the English-speaking radio channels. This interest resulted in a song composed by Information Minister Ramzan Al-Nuaimi, sung by Mohammed Al-Tamimi, entitled "Abu Issa" and broadcast by the state media in a campaign of glorification without any real occasion.

Instead of listening to glorification concerts and songs, listen to the people, Prime Minister. Listen to people, listen to mothers and their calls, let their children live in freedom again, so then you could hear the homeland singing what is much more beautiful than the words and hypocrisy of the Minister of Information and his lackeys.

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