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Bahraini National Initiative against Normalization Reiterates Rejection of Agreement with Zionist Entity

2023-09-17 - 1:27 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini National Initiative against Normalization with the Zionist Enemy, which comprises 27 political, human rights and various societies, reiterated its rejection of the agreement and considered it "a permanent threat against the interests of the Bahraini and Palestinian people and all the sons of the nation."

Marking the third anniversary of the normalization agreement between Bahrain and the occupying entity, the initiative called on Bahrainis to "Reject and denounce the visit of the Foreign Minister of the Zionist enemy (Eli Cohen) to Bahrain, considering it a desecration to Bahrain's pure soil and an infringement on the principles of the people." It also urged the government to sever all relations in all its forms with the criminal occupation entity. 

It stressed the need to "boycott the gold and jewelry exhibition that is supposed to be organized between November 14 and 18, 2023, if the participation of the Zionist enemy in it is confirmed," warning that "participation represents an insult to the people and a danger to national interests."

The initiative urged Bahrainis to "continue to support the Palestinian people, be vigilant against the enemy's infiltrations into our country, beware of its evasions, boycott anyone who tries to deal with them, and continue to oppose normalization by all peaceful means."

It saluted "the jealous Libyan people for their recent position on the meeting of the Libyan Foreign Minister (Najla Al-Mangoush) with the Zionist Minister (Cohen), as this honorable position led to the dismissal of the minister," and considered that this "reflects a clear picture of the nation's rejection of normalization with the criminal Zionist enemy."

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