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Progressive Democratic Tribune Calls Bahraini Gov't to Expel Israeli Ambassador, Closes Its Embassy

2023-10-18 - 9:22 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Progressive Democratic Tribune "Al-Menbar" called on the government of Bahrain to expel the Zionist ambassador from the country, close the occupation embassy and cancel normalization agreements with it "in response to the comprehensive popular desire of all parties and components of Bahraini society."

Al-Menbar condemned in a statement the massacre carried out by the occupation in the Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip, stressing that "the continuation of diplomatic relations with the occupier is a stab in the back of the people and an attack on their dignity and national and humanitarian belonging."

While calling for "extending all kind of support and assistance to our people in the Gaza Strip and occupied Palestine," the organization "reiterated its firm stance and that of the Bahraini people in supporting the resistance of the brotherly Palestinian people in order to expel the occupation from their lands and to achieve all their rights, foremost of which is their right to establish an independent national Palestinian State with Al-Quds as its capital."

The Progressive Democratic Tribune called on Bahrainis to "continue to express their national and patriot position and engage in events that condemn the aggression and support our brothers in occupied Palestine."

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