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BFHR: Cracking down on Pro-Palestine Protestors Shows that GoB Continues to Support Occupation Entity despite Its Crimes

2023-10-19 - 1:11 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights condemned "the security forces' crack down on citizens who demonstrated in the Bilad Al-Qadeem on the evening of Wednesday, October 17, 2023, while they were on their way to protest in front of the US embassy in solidarity with Palestine and to condemn the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip."

The form highlighted in a statement on Thursday, October 18, 2023, "the citizens' right to exercise freedom of assembly," stressing that "repressing demonstrators who raised slogans of solidarity with Palestine while demanding the expulsion of the ambassador of the occupation entity from Bahrain gives a clear indication that the government of Bahrain continues to support the Israeli occupation entity despite the horrific violations it commits, the latest of which is the war crime in bombing the "Baptist" hospital in Gaza."

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