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Bahrain's Senior Clerics: Any Sound Mind Seeing "Baptist" Hospital Massacre Wouldn't Normalize with Zionists

2023-10-19 - 1:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's senior scholars denounced the crime committed by the occupying entity against the "Baptist" hospital in the Gaza Strip, bearing the "brutal entity responsible".

The scholars stressed in a joint statement they issued on Wednesday (October 18, 2023) that Anyone with a sound mind and wisdom who sees this act, which clearly goes against human rights, should see that it doesn't make sense to start or continue normalizing with Zionists."

They stressed that "the "Baptist" Hospital crime is shocking, and falls under terrorism by any of its definitions. It is a barbaric behavior that we do not find, in the dictionary of the wise, anything that justifies it," adding: "But the renewed paradox of global arrogance powers is the support given to the temporary Zionist enemy which is fond of causing bloodshed, violating sanctities and seizing rights."

The scholars who signed the joint statement are:

  • Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi
  • Sheikh Mohammad Saleh Al-Rabeei
  • Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour
  • Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Ghali
  • Sheikh Ali Al-Sadadi

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