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MoI Arrests Indian Doctor for Tweets against Religion

2023-10-20 - 12:22 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Anti-Cyber Crimes Directorate of the General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security announced the summon of an Asian, 50, for posting tweets on X platform containing insults of a religious nature, in violation of civil peace and social stability that could affect society's security and safety. 

The Asian was arrested and legal proceedings are being taken to refer the case to the Public Prosecution. 

Royal Bahrain Hospital published a press statement on Instagram announcing terminating services of Indian doctor Sunil Rao after posting statements offensive to Muslims and Palestine on social media outlets.

Four days ago, Rao tweeted saying "Israel fights back will do a scorched earth attack, plenty will be killed, displaced, Hamas will be destroyed (rightly so), the what? If I may ask? Occupy under military force?"

His second tweet was two days ago in which he said "What would be the appropriate reasonable response to the massacre on Oct. 7?" He also retweeted a video published by Loay Alshareef showing Palestinian journalist Wafa Al-Udaini from Gaza trying to answer the same question.

Tweets for Indian doctor Sunil Rao were circulated on the "X" platform in which he said that "Islam is a barbaric religion" and "Muslims are attacking Israel and Palestinian must be destroyed."

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