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8 Political Societies Urge Government of Bahrain to Sever Relations with Israeli Entity

2023-11-03 - 1:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: Eight Bahraini political societies called on the Bahraini government to "quickly sever diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity and cancel all forms of normalization that resulted from these relations."

The societies stressed in a joint statement that "the announcement of the departure of the ambassador of the Zionist entity from Bahrain and the return of the ambassador of Bahrain is a worthless formality and does not meet our demands."

They condemned "the crimes committed by the Zionist enemy and the heinous reprisals against the Palestinians in Gaza and Palestine that contradict humanitarian law and all international norms and conventions."

The societies called on the House of Representatives to "take effective measures and decisions that commensurate with the hateful Zionist crime to support our people in Gaza and all of Palestine, through the use of constitutional tools."

They also urged "the signatories of agreements with the Zionist entity to take a unified position to immediately sever relations with the Zionist entity, and abolish all agreements with it."

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