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Israel Ambassador in Bahrain: Ambassadors Not Withdrawn, Relations are Stable

2023-11-05 - 3:03 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Israeli ambassador in Manama, Eitan Na'eh, confirmed on Friday, November 3, 2023, that "the Bahraini and Israeli ambassadors have not been withdrawn from Bahrain and Israel," asserting that the relationship between the two sides is "stable."

In an interview with Alhurra TV channel, Na'eh described the Bahraini parliament's statement on the departure of the Israeli ambassador to Manama and the "return" of the Bahraini ambassador from Tel Aviv as "mispresentation of the truth," saying: "We are in a state of war, and there is no change in the level of relations nor in the stable relationship," considering that the word "withdrawal" is incorrect.

The Bahraini House of Representatives said in a statement on Thursday (November 2, 2023) that the Israeli ambassador in Manama left and claimed that it has recalled the Bahraini ambassador from Tel Aviv.

However, Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the issuance of this decision by the House of Representatives and not the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs likely indicates that this step aims to "calm the Bahraini public opinion" regarding the official stance on the aggression on Gaza. 

It is worth noting that the government has not issued an official announcement regarding the departure of the Israeli ambassador, and the House of Representatives does not issue a statement in this form on behalf of the government without an official guidance. Besides, the official news agency Bahrain News Agency did not publish the news either.

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