To the Shameless Normalizers: Even Israel Rejects Being Treated as a Prostitute

2023-11-06 - 4:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: Israel's reaction to the Bahraini parliament's statement, which called for the return of the Bahraini ambassador from Tel Aviv and the return of the Israeli ambassador to his homeland, did not go unnoticed.

Israeli Ambassador Eitan Na'eh vehemently refuted the claims made in the House of Representatives' statement. He stated that "neither the Bahraini nor Israeli ambassadors were recalled from their respective posts," dismissing the statement as a distortion of the truth.

In the midst of this, the Bahraini Foreign Ministry chose to remain silent, failing to provide any clarification concerning the status of economic relations and the return of ambassadors.

Remarkably, for the first time, the House of Representatives publicly announced the severance of diplomatic relations with another nation, a task typically handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The House of Representatives issued the statement following instructions from the Ministry, if they hadn't been received by fax at the General Secretariat of the Council.

The Bahraini government has attempted to mitigate the discontent that has surged among the Bahraini populace, as they stand united in opposing normalization and rejecting any government measures that deepen relations with the occupying entity.

In essence, the government's true stance is to continue its relations with the Zionist entity, regardless of the genocide committed by this entity against the Palestinian people, reflecting its unwavering commitment.

Countries in South America that have recalled their ambassadors from Tel Aviv, in condemnation of the crimes committed by the Israeli government in Gaza, provide a stark contrast. They have made their protest known, unequivocally denouncing the war on Gaza and the targeting of civilians.

However, in a recent interview with Alhurra TV channel, the Israeli ambassador to Bahrain affirmed that "relations remain stable" and that neither the Bahraini nor Israeli government had issued any notification or decision to recall their respective ambassadors.

The question remains: Why did the occupying power not overlook the statement of the House of Representatives, which was facilitated by the Bahraini Foreign Ministry and directed within Bahrain's borders?

The ambassador's remarks seemed to place the Bahraini government in an uncomfortable position, implying that Israel refuses to be treated as a mere prostitute, engaged in relations only under the cover of darkness. In truth, those who witness the tragic slaughter of children and women in Gaza and continue to collaborate with the illegitimate entity have lost their sense of honor.

The Al Khalifa government, having forsaken all moral values, has chosen the occupying state over its people, its nation, and the Palestinian cause, all in exchange for nothing.

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