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Ibtisam Al-Saegh Demands Release of Abd Ali Al-Singace

2023-11-08 - 10:31 am

Bahrain Mirror: The head of the monitoring department at Salam for Democracy and Human Rights, Ibtisam Al-Saegh, called on the authorities to release prisoner of conscience in Jaw Central Prison, Abd Ali Al-Singace, who is sentenced to nearly 15 years in prison over malicious cases and an extrajudicial trial. "Al-Singace has spent more than 10 years of his term and only has third of the term left," she said, noting that he "lost his young son" during his imprisonment and that "his family may lose him as well." 

Al-Saegh stated, in a post on the "X" platform, that Al-Singace "demanded his retrial in more than one voice clip, as the verdicts issued against him are based on malicious charges that robbed him of his right to freedom. In the past months, he lost his young son, who was suffering from a terminal illness, and did not see him or hug him for 10 years because of visits from behind the glass barriers."

She denounced "the refusal of the Jaw prison administration to allow Al-Singace to attend the burial ceremony of his son and his return to prison, without taking into account his humanitarian condition," adding that "he directly started a hunger strike and that he has been on strike for 53 days. His health condition deteriorated, and he was transferred two days ago to the clinic due to a sharp drop in blood pressure and sugar."

Al-Saegh wondered: "A man at this age, suffering from chronic diseases, his body is emaciated and his immunity is very weak, he is grieved by the loss of his young son, deprived of his treatment, and he is on hunger strike, so how will his health and psychological situation be?  Why don't the concerned authorities release him on humanitarian grounds as he has served three quarters of his term and is convicted of cases he did not commit? What do the concerned authorities benefit from his presence in prison being in this health condition? God forbid, are they waiting until he gets out a dead body like his peers?"

She stressed that "he has the right to a fair trial because he is a prisoner of conscience who has not committed a crime that deserves this long imprisonment."

She stated that "his only sin is that he demanded his legitimate rights and exercised his natural role as a citizen in accordance with a right guaranteed to him by the Constitution of Bahrain," stressing that "this is not a crime for which the citizen is imprisoned and deprived of his most basic rights, and exposed to slow death."

Al-Saegh called on the authorities to release Al-Singace "on humanitarian grounds to spend his life among his family so that they can take care of his unstable health condition."

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