Trampling on Israeli Flag Triggering to Bahrain Chief of Police

2023-12-05 - 6:42 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Once upon a time, a hunter hunted a group of birds on a cold day, then placed them in front of him, and slaughtered them one after the other, while the rest looked and watched. The tears of the hunter were pouring from his eyes due to the bitter cold and strong wind, so two birds looked at him and his tears, and one of them said to the other, "Look at the poor hunter, he looks so sad as he slaughters us. He cries out of pity and mercy for us!"

The other bird said to him cleverly and intelligently: "Don't look at the tears in his eyes, but look at his action."

In the midst of the Gaza war and the brutal aggression against its people, it seems that the duties of military and security leaders in Bahrain do not end at the limits of the established roles of the heads of the security services.

These days, some of them are trying to point to the suffering of the people of Gaza - without referring to Israel - and these indications come within the framework of an elaborate manipulation of the feelings of families of loyalists in Bahrain who found their sons, whether officers or workers in the security services, linked to the dangerous normalization project, which aims in its depth to serve Israel and eradicate the Palestinian cause along with the Palestinian people.

After the statements of the Commander-in-Chief of the Bahrain Defense Force, Field Marshal Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, and his reference to what he called the "Gaza tragedy", here is the head of public security in Bahrain, Tariq Al-Hassan, tweeting and expressing his great emotions through his account on the "X" platform: "God is sufficient for us and He is the best disposer of affairs", "And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision". "Oh Allah, have mercy on the dead Muslims, accept our martyrs in Gaza now and Palestine now, and inspire their families and loved ones with patience and fortitude. Oh Allah, they are oppressed, so protect them, have mercy on them, save their blood and make them victorious."

Before anyone is fooled by this passion and thinks that it carries any honesty, justice and vigilance of conscience, or dreams that Tariq Al-Hassan will surprise the world by launching winged missiles towards Tel Aviv, one should recall, an incident, recorded by audio and video, carried out by one of the officers from the Bahrain Police headed by Tariq Al-Hassan. The incident reveals the truth of the apparatus Al-Hassan heads, which is serving the normalization project.

In the city of Muharraq, a religious procession was staged, during which youths laid out the Israeli flag on the ground to be trampled on by the participants in the procession. Out of a sudden, a police officer arrives and picks up the flag from the ground, and then hands it to a policeman who carries it away, because it is a flag of a state that has diplomatic ties with Bahrain and shouldn't be disrespected.

Therefore, what Tariq Al-Hassan, the head of the police, is writing, is only part of a campaign aimed at misleading a large number of pro-government Bahrainis, whose sons work in the military and security services, which are linked after the normalization project to the Israeli project in the region, and are working to make it a success.

Tariq Al-Hassan was smiling and seemed friendly as he looked at the face of the Israeli ambassador to Bahrain, Eitan Na'eh, during his meeting at the Interior Minister's office in November 2022. That's why no Bahraini will believe this fake stance of the head of police.

Despite the Quranic verses that the head of the Bahrain Police posts on his account, the truth is that the flag of Israel has become a sacred item for the ruling authorities in Bahrain, which condemned the operation of the seventh of October by its highest officials.

This authority, whose most important pillar is Tariq al-Hassan and his police force, placed itself in the category of defenders of Israel, suppressed popular events in support of Palestine, arrested at least 34 participants, and sentenced one of them, youth Mohammad Abdulhadi Ahmad Khalil, from Samaheej, to one-year in prison.

We will not acknowledge the tears of your written words, Chief of Police, but we will ask you on behalf of the people of Bahrain: Does trampling on the Israeli flag provoke you to this extent?

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