Editorial: Two Opposing Sides in Bahrain

2024-01-15 - 2:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: A missile attack targeting Yemen was launched by allied forces, including Bahrain.
At this pivotal moment in history, there are truly two sides; a popular side that stands with the nation, and another side that Al Khalifa takes alongside the nation's enemies.

This is the reality of the ruling family in Bahrain, a family conspiring against Palestine and every Arab country out of the hope of the delusional protection offered to it by the United States at times, Britain at other times, and even the Zionist entity, which is currently looking for someone to protect it.

As for the Bahraini people, they expressed their rejection of its unelected government joining the coalition of aggression against Yemen since the announcement of its formation. The Palestinian forces and all free people in the Arab world also condemned this.

It has become clear that this government is completely separate from the popular will that stands with the Palestinian people and with the Yemeni people, who also chose to stand on the side of the Palestinian people in the face of the Zionist war of genocide.

The attack launched by the aggression coalition against Yemen today comes in support and encouragement of Israel to continue its aggression against the Palestinian people. The ruling family cannot promote any other justification for joining this aggression.

The US has searched for a legitimate analyst in the conflict zone that would give it the legitimacy it lacks for its aggression against Yemen, and it found nothing but a government that does not enjoy any political legitimacy to even grant it that.

Yemen paid the price for its courage in standing by the Palestinian cause, and the Al Khalifa sold their honor, if they even had it, for free. The ruling family will gain nothing from this but shame.

The Bahraini government revealed the last thing that concealed it and appeared to the public as it is: ugly and devoid of any values. The ugliness that the people of Bahrain suffer from in their daily lives has once again reached the Yemeni people through the new coalition of aggression.

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