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Attack on "Amal" Leader Hisham Al-Sabbagh's Car in Manama: Al-Sabbagh Gives Attacker Ultimatum to Confess

2024-02-02 - 4:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: An unidentified person attacked the vehicle of the leader of the "Islamic Action Society - Amal", Hisham Al-Sabbagh, in the Bahrain capital Manama.

The Society stated in a statement that cameras recorded an attempt by an individual, wearing gloves and possessing professional tools for criminal activity, to assault Al-Sabbagh's car by attempting to steal it, vandalize it, or install listening devices or other items inside it.

The individual fled after hearing the alarm installed in the car.

In turn, Al-Sabbagh stated in a post on the "X" platform that the "pathetic attempts to attack and tamper with my personal property and attempt to break into the car for the purpose of theft or any other matter are an abysmal failure."

Al-Sabbagh gave the "perpetrator 48 hours to appear and confess or else he'll publish the real videos from different angles publicly and without obscuring the face."

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