Al-Hassan: Security Apparatus Seeks to Identify Suspects in Muharraq Blast

2015-08-26 - 10:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Chief of Public Security Tariq Al-Hassan said on Tuesday (August 25, 2015) that the security apparatus is seeking to identify the suspects involved in the bomb blast that took place near Abdulrahman Al Nasser School in Muharraq.

While inspecting the scene of the explosion announced by the Interior Ministry yesterday, Al-Hassan said that the competent security apparatus has immediately launched a pursuit and investigation to identify the suspects involved in this terrorist crime and take them into custody. He further stated that those who commit crimes of this sort, attempting to terrorise innocent people and disrupt civil peace, will face the full weight of the law in court and will receive a just punishment.

The Interior Ministry did not identify the suspects involved in the incident; however, it always arrests opposition activists and claims they are involved, while the opposition continues to demand the establishment of independent investigation committees to look into these "mysterious" incidents.

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