Bahraini Parliament Imposes Austerity Measures By Royal Directives: Freezes Travels of Friendship Committees & Merges Administrations

2015-10-13 - 12:44 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Secretary-General of the Council of Representatives Abdullah Al-Dosari announced some economic measures concerning the travels of the elected legislative chamber members.

The Al-Bilad newspaper, owned by the Bahraini Prime Minister's son, reported from Al-Dosari in a press conference held in the Parliament on Saturday (October 10, 2015) that "the travels associated to the friendship committees between countries are semi frozen, Members of Parliament can only travel in business class and they will no longer have first class flights."

He further stressed: "We are keen to maintain the presence of MPs in important activities," adding that "a number of departments and administrations inside the secretariat were merged as a part of the royal directive to reduce expenses in ministries, governmental entities and bodies."

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