Finance Minister to MPs: We Will Raise Debt Ceiling to 10 Billion..Won't Engage in Discussions

2015-10-30 - 9:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: Commenting on the Bahraini MPs discussions held on Tuesday (October 27, 2015) over the lift of subsidies on meat, the Bahraini Finance Minister Ahmad bin Mohammad Al Khalifa said: "Are you aware that the debt ceiling will be raised to 7 and 10 billion. You must cooperate with us instead of holding sessions as if the cabinet is not included. We are your partners and prepared to discuss the coming period, concerning the measures that will be taken to protect the citizens and protect Bahrain."

"It is important to hear your voices. The government's duty is to serve the citizens (...) but when the oil income decreases to less than 50%, we must take rapid action. We are ready to engage in discussions that will only lead to resolutions, and not discussions that will lead to further discussions."

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