Dry Docks Prisons Administration Postpones Treatment of Hussein Abdulwahab despite His Health Deterioration

2016-11-07 - 9:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: Hussein Abdulwahab, son of the leader of Wafa movement Abdulwahab Hussein, started a hunger strike after the authorities prevented him from receiving the adequate treatment as he suffers from back disc complications. The family said that Hussein started an open hunger strike on Saturday (November 5, 2016) until receiving his right in treatment. The family stated that it submitted a complaint in which it explains his sufferings "we raised a complaint on Thursday to the Special Investigation Unit regarding the medical negligence by the Dry Dock's administration."

The family added that after submitting the complaint "we received a call from the general secretariat in which they promised us that they will provide the following: an appointment with the orthopedic and another appointment for natural treatment, a medical bed and medical shoes provided by the family." It continued "Hussein was told that his appointment will be on Friday due to his bad health condition." Hussein told his family in a phone call on Saturday that he was not taken to his appointment as it was decided and that his health condition is getting worse, adding that he launched a hunger strike until receiving the adequate treatment.

The family expressed its deep concern over the health of its son "Hussein" who is accused in the case known as "Al-Basta Group".

Akila, Abdulwahab's daughter, said in a series of tweets on Tuesday (November 1, 2016) that her brother suffers from back disc due to the unfavorable conditions in the Dry Dock Prison.

She added "the side effects of Hussein's case have become more critical; he is a step closer to paralysis," explaining that he was transferred to the Dry Dock's clinic more than once, but in vain. Akila further stated "we sent his medical report to the Dry Dock's administration and the doctor demanded that they use a medical bed for Hussein after the injections failed to mitigate his pain." However, the prison's administration refused the doctor's request.

The family visited Hussein yesterday and he was on wheelchair due to the severe back disc pains, Akila went on to say.

She continued "we told Hussein during our visit that the doctor on duty did not take any treating measures and he only prescribed him pain killers." Hussein's visit to the Al-Qalaa clinic was only for few minutes and the doctor did not see Hussein's medical reports.

Akila added "Hussein's health condition is bad. He is no longer able perform his prayers while standing up due to his deteriorating health condition."

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