Martyr Nabeel Al-Samie Forcibly Buried in Al-Hoora Cemetery Contrary to his Will, his Family Desire

2017-06-22 - 8:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: Security forces affiliated to the Ministry of Interior buried martyr Nabeel Al-Samie in Al-Hoora cemetery, contrary to his will and family desire of burying him in Sanabis cemetery.

Activists published photos of Al-Samie's will in which he asked to be buried in Sanabis cemetery.

Family of martyr Al-Samie announced that it will receive condolers starting today (Thursday) to Saturday in Sanabis obsequy.

Since the execution of 3 activists in January 2017, the authorities intended to forcibly bury the martyrs contrary to their families' desires. This was also done with the 3 freedom martyrs and 5 Diraz martyrs, as the authorities feared from a an uncontrollable massive crowd.

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