Over 25 Citizens Arrested within 3 Days, Including 12 from Ma'amir Area

2018-12-15 - 6:32 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Interior has been intensifying its campaign of raids since March 2011 unabatingly.

The Ministry has escalated its campaign since a few days ago, arresting about 25 citizens. On Thursday (December 13, 2018), Interior Ministry forces, in both civilian and military attire,  arrested more than 12 youths from the Al-Ma'amir area. Among the apprehended were: Abbas Hassan Abbas Al-Tayf, Mohammad Ali Abbas Al-Tayf, Mohammad Sadeq Hussein Ali Ya'qoub, Qassim Hamza Sarhan, Mohammad Hassan Al-Qayyim, Murtada Ahmad Al-Sheikh Youssef, Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Sheikh Youssef, Ali Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Qayyim, Mujtaba Abdulhassein Taqi, Ali Mohammed Hamoud, Ali Adnan Al-Saeed, Yasser Hussein Eid.

The arrested are usually transferred to the infamous Criminal Investigation and Interrogation Department, but the detention facility has been unknown since the king issued a decree formally giving the National Security Agency to direct authority to arrest and interrogate early last year.

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