Education Ministry Insists on Destroying Future of Medicine Students in China, Rejects Proposals of Parliamentary Committee

2019-02-22 - 3:21 am

Bahrain Mirror: The head of the Parliament Services Committee MP Ammar Qambar said that the committee will hold another meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Education following its meeting with a number of Bahraini students who have obtained university degrees from China.

In a statement to Al-Watan newspaper, Qambar said that the committee, in its recent meeting with Chinese university graduates, found that the students were granted scholarships by the Ministry of Education, which means the ministry was aware of the universities in advance and did not explain to them whether the university was accredited or not, noting that the ministry bears a large part of responsibility of the issue regarding graduates of Chinese universities.

He stressed that the committee presented to the Ministry of Education at its first meeting a number of suggestions. However, the Ministry rejected those proposals.

The head of the Services Committee explained that the committee will decide the date of the next meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Education at the next meeting of the committee, to put forward the previous proposals to solve the problem of graduates from Chinese universities.

He further pointed out that the students spent years of their lives and spent large sums of money to obtain their university degrees, which were rejected by the Ministry of Education after their graduation.


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