Saudi Ambassador to Manama Says Bahrain will Receive Second Payment of Gulf Support "Soon"

2019-03-09 - 8:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: Saudi ambassador to Manama Abdullah Al-Sheikh said that Bahrain will receive the second payment of Gulf support "soon".

The ambassador did not specify the amount of payment to be received by Bahrain, while the value of the aid provided by the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait is $10 billion and aims at enhancing the stability of the financial situation of the small Gulf kingdom.

In the same context, the Saudi ambassador explained that his country had sent 274 teachers and supervisors in the educational field under the administration of education ministries in the two countries. Regarding the possible shortage that can be caused in Bahrain's schools after the voluntary retirement, he said "if Bahrain demands teachers, I think Saudi Arabia will study the need and will do its best to help Bahrain at any time."

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