Al-Wefaq: Sayed Al-Ghuraifi Hopes Good for Bahrainis, Internal Disputes between Governing Parties Have Become Clear

2019-05-13 - 9:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society confirmed Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi is a prominent national figure and demanded to stop dragging Bahrainis into internal conflicts between governance parties.

"The anonymous and public statements and the suspicious movements that are being made target the prominent scholar Sayed Al-Ghuraifi, and the majority of them are aimed at delivering internal messages between the governance parties, which needs no explanation," it said.

Al-Wefaq issued a statement on Sunday (May 12, 2019) saying that "the platform of scholar Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi is for good, rationality and wisdom," adding that "it overflows with love, tolerance and openness. His speech is a pioneering and progressive model in establishing patriotism, achieving righteousness, justice, and equity and fostering Islamic and national unity."

Al-Wefaq condemned the Zar Party, which is driven by the forces and cells of crises and incitements that dominate a group of authorities and institutions in governance and control their movements according to the desires and requirements of crisis-making in order to achieve unclean goals. This is what Bahrainis have been used to since the issuance of the report of the Bahraini government's adviser, known as Al-Bandar report, in 2006. Al-Wefaq further said that this group's grip tightened and its project expanded after March 2011, and it has been behind the disruption and the conflicts in the country.

The society asserted that the confusion within the security, political, economic and diplomatic affairs that has been happening since 2011 and the consequent reports and communications with the inside, the Gulf and the international community of data and information that lack credibility are trivial attempts, adding that continuing them causes loss and destruction of the country and reveals the falsity of the authorities' claim of the existence of projects for tolerance and promotion of national belonging.

Al-Wefaq finally stressed that "Al-Ghuraifi represents good for Bahrain and its people and cares for their concerns and honestly expresses their needs." It added that the stances imposed on some institutions and authorities reveal their falsity, triviality, lack of independence and the lack of confidence in them and expose the truth behind the alleged stability in Bahrain.

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