Bahraini Salafist Sheikh Says Al-Jazeera Channel Presenters are Kharijites, Brotherhood, Infidels, Atheists, Masons and Jews

2019-07-25 - 7:43 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahraini salafist cleric, Sheikh Fawzi Al-Athari, Imam of Imam Al-Bukhari center in Qalali in Bahrain, describes Al-Jazeera Channel presenters as "Kharijites". He said in a sermon on (July 20, 2019): "Look at Al-Jazeera Channel and all of Qatar's channels, they are Kharijites, brotherhood, infidels, atheists, masons and there are Jews among them."

"The so-called Al-Jazeera causes damage," he added.

He also considered that the Bahrainis who have been naturalized in Qatar to be "Kharijites".

Al-Athari commented on the Bahrainis who left for Qatar and acquired the Qatari nationality saying that it is not up to them. He said that they were created by God and it is not up to them to change their passport to become Qatari. Al-Athari went on to say "No, you are Kharijite, you will die as people of Jahiliyyah."

He considered that their immigration from Bahrain to Qatar didn't benefit them because it's not for God. It was for livelihood affairs, he said, adding that they're not allowed to leave a country where the ruler is Muslim and that they should ask before doing so.

Al-Athari, who practices his activism from Qalali village, represents one of the most prominent figures who call for traditional Salafism.

His books and publications are adopted to fuel the combat doctrine of the Bahraini army. It is worth mentioning that the Bahrain Defence Force has already printed a book written by him.

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