Diyaa Ayyad: Merciless Bahraini Regime

2019-07-30 - 1:31 am

Bahraini courts carried out on Saturday (July 27, 2019) execution by firing squad against two citizens over expressing their political views which oppose the Al Khalifa rule.

This is not surprising as the Bahraini authorities are accustomed to playing the "blood game" that they use every time they want to confront their opponents.

Several executions were carried out before Ali Al-Arab and Ahmad Al-Malali's, while around 20 other death sentences are on the waiting list. The authorities will carry on their series of assassinations against dissidents, as retaliation, to the extent that it [Bahrain] surpassed the producers of bloody shows.

The government of Bahrain ignores international appeals as if it is living in the "blood" era and seems to be happy with "dancing over corpses", especially that it participated in the Saudi-led war on Yemen and protects itself by the Israeli entity, which was established on the ruins of an Arab people that is supposed to instead be closer to it.

With the execution of dissidents, the ruling family is killing the whole nation, whose figures are languishing behind bars and whose people and clerics are deported. We should point here to the regime's attempts to limit Bahrainis to 3 options:

The first option is supporting the regime and turning a blind eye to all its policies and avoid everything that opposes its views and stances. The second is to be imprisoned and killed for expressing an opinion, which is a right guaranteed in the Constitution, while the third option is to be subjected to arbitrary displacement.

In fact, there is no dialogue on the ground which the regime in Bahrain claims to stick to and seek, so how is this regime structured? And what hearts do its officials have? What's the solution? What are its horizons and ways of implementation? Is there even a solution?

The death sentence proves once again that the judiciary in Bahrain is politicized and lacks justice, as human rights organizations say. The confessions of these two men were extracted under brutal torture, just like other confessions, according to Amnesty International. Therefore, their justice is fake and lost in the dark tunnel of politics.

The tyranny of the regime will only increase the patience and determination of Bahrainis to continue demanding democratic transition. This is proved by the demonstration of patience staged by the families of martyrs after the executions were carried out. The situation will only get more complicated in Bahrain, while the ruling family will only gain condemnation and bad reputation. Its image will get darker, because this proud people should not be confronted with brutality, killings and isolation. All the regime has to do is to listen to the people's will and grant it its right to freedom.

At the end, Ali and Ahmad will remain national symbols of sacrifice and loyalty, and their blood will hunt the executors until their deaths.

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