Ayatollah Qassim Said Bahraini Gov't Summoning Preachers in Ashura "Advocates Yazid"

2019-09-11 - 5:49 p

Bahrain Mirror: The spiritual leader of the Shiite majority, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, attacked the Government of Bahrain after summoning and interrogating dozens of Hussaini preachers and eulogy reciters after discussing "Yazid's wicked biography" describing these actions as an "advocacy of Yazid and acceptance of the slaughter of Hussain".

In his speech on the eve of the 10th of Muharram, which he delivered in Iranian city of Qom, in the presence of hundreds of mourners from the Bahraini community, Qassim said that the disgraceful position of the Government of Bahrain (without naming it) is "an advocacy of Yazid against the grandson of the Prophet [PBUH], burying of truth, defense of injustice, and acceptance of the slaughter of Imam Hussein [PBUH], captivity of the daughters of the Prophet, destruction of the Kaaba and desecration of the city of the Prophet and his family, as well as attacking the lives of Muslims recklessly and unjustly".

Ayatollah Qassim also addressed the Bahraini Government's battle against the Ashura slogan "with a victorious Imam", banning it and holding people who use it accountable, stressing that "the victorious Imam is Imam Al-Mahdi [PBUH] and the ones who stand against him are the Sofiani and Awar Al-Dajjal [the deceiver, Islamic equivalent to Anti-Christ]. Is the aim behind this leading Muslims to be with the Sofiani and the deceiver in the war against Imam Al-Mahdi?"

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