8 People Including Cleric Arrested for Participating in Ashura Ceremonies: Al-Wefaq

2019-09-27 - 7:33 p
Shiite Cleric Sheikh Saeed Al-Asfour

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said on its Twitter page on Wednesday (September 25, 2019) that the security authorities arrested 6 citizens for their commemoration of the Hussaini religious rituals during the Ashura season.

In separate tweets, Al-Wefaq confirmed that the authorities arrested Shiite cleric Sheikh Saeed Al-Asfour and the head of the Hussaini Authority at Area 17 in Hamad Town (Sayed Jawad Asaad).

The authorities decided to detain the head of the Hussaini Authority for seven days pending investigation, according to Al-Wefaq.

The security authorities in Bahrain have been waging a fierce campaign against the Shiite majority for their practice of religious beliefs and commemoration of the annual Ashura season.


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Shiite Cleric Sheikh Saeed Al-Asfour

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