On 14 Feb. Anniversary: Opposition Societies Call for Meeting Legitimate Demands of People

2022-02-13 - 11:34 am

Bahrain Mirror: Three Bahraini political societies called for meeting the legitimate national demands, which their followers and political forces have demanded throughout years in their national movement.

The National Democratic Assembly and Al-Wahdawi and Al-Menbar called in a statement to realize that overcoming the causes that led to the eruption of the events 11 years ago requires the reformulation of a more just and politically balanced reality on the political and social levels and a consensus on the formulas for participation in decision-making process

They saw that this requires a consensus on the adoption of the principle of equal citizenship and the rule of law for all. They added that it is also important to recognize that such a reality that we are looking for must be the result of an open dialogue that involves all parties and components of political society and the state. 

The statement stressed the need to solve the political crisis, including corruption, the large number of expatriates and the flexible visa amid increase of youths' unemployment.

The societies expressed their refusal to compromise the retirees' benefits and called for a reversal of the annual increase and amendments to the retirement law sent by the Government to Parliament.

The three societies reiterated their categorical rejection of all forms of normalization with the Zionist entity and condemned the visits of Zionist officials to Bahrain, calling on all political and civil forces and national figures to continue to mobilize all our dear citizens to boycott all forms of normalization.

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