Foreign Ministry Responds to His Qatari Counterpart Statements: There is no Dispute over Bilateral Dialogue Mechanism with Qatar

2022-02-19 - 7:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini Foreign Affairs Minister responded to the statements of his Qatari counterpart in which he said that there is a disagreement about the mechanisms for resolving the dispute.

Al-Zayani said: "The Kingdom of Bahrain doesn't have a dispute on the mechanisms of dialogue with the state of Qatar over outstanding issues according to Al-Ula statement."

"Qatar's delayed relations with Bahrain are due to the lack of agreement on mechanisms for resolving the dispute," Al-Zayani said during a meeting with the editors-in-chiefs of local newspapers, when asked about the Qatari deputy prime minister and foreign minister's remarks. "There is no dispute over the bilateral dialogue mechanism."

Al-Zayani stated. "The Kingdom of Bahrain has invited the Qatari side three times and received no reply, and has proposed holding bilateral meetings for the technical committees at the Headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council in Riyadh, being the mother system that symbolizes Gulf work, having a 4-decade blessed career and representing all member states. His Excellency the Secretary-General of the Cooperation Council has referred the Bahraini request to Doha, which has not yet responded to this proposal."

Qatari Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani attributed, during a seminar in Chatham House, the delay in relations between his country and Bahrain to not working on mechanisms for solving the dispute, stressing at the same time that the matter is not as huge as it is being depicted.

He added "relations between countries are different, but I think we are in a good condition, in comparison with the previous year," indicating that Qatar has good relations with Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

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