Interior Ministry Undersecretary: We Don't Allow "Intruders" to Use HR to Harm Bahrain, Did He Mean US Embassy?

2022-02-25 - 1:28 am

Bahrain Mirror: Interior Ministry Undersecretary Nasser bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa called for not allowing who called "intruders" who exploit human rights principles to harm the Kingdom of Bahrain.

"The Bahraini society is conscious, aware of the human rights principles, and does not need false lectures from countries that do not want good for Bahrain," the interior ministry undersecretary said during his intervention at the launch of the strategy and action plan of the National Institute for Human Rights for the years 2022-2025, which was held yesterday (Wednesday) remotely.

"We do not allow the intruders to use human rights principles, in a way that harms the Kingdom of Bahrain. All components of the Bahraini society have a human rights awareness and know the importance of human rights respect. Bahrain has come a long way in promoting human rights principles, and we do not need "false" lectures from countries that want evil for the Kingdom of Bahrain," he said.

The new US ambassador met at his home (February 9, 2022) with representatives of civil society, and discussed with them various political issues, most notably the political isolation law, according to local media outlets. As a result, the interior minister issued statements criticizing this meeting, summoned the ambassador and informed him about Bahrain's reservations regarding the meeting.

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