Jaw Prisoners: We will Start Open Strike If Prison Administration Continues to Neglect our Demands

2023-02-24 - 11:27 am

Bahrain Mirror: Political prisoners in Jaw Central Prison said that they will go on an open strike if the prison's administration continues to neglect their just demands which they talked about in their audio messages from prison and explained the suffering and ill-treatment they are subjected to.

They said in a statement "We have taken several steps to change the deteriorating situation for years. On January 8, 2023, we submitted a petition to the prison administration, and after that we recorded more than 250 audios, in which we explained the suffering and ill-treatment that violates international laws. However, we did not receive any positive response."

"As a result, on January 29, we took another step, which is refraining from contacting our families and going out for visits.," they added.

The prisoners further stated "Until today, February 23, 2023, we are surprised by the unjustified disregard by the prison administration," stressing that they will continue their movement, following peaceful methods until their just demands, which are guaranteed by local and international law, are met.

"Today, after it has been mora than one month since we submitted our petition to the prison administration, we inform every concerned one on the local, international, popular and official level as well as all international human rights organizations, the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN international rapporteurs that we will have to go on an open strike if the situation continues the way it is."

The prisoners held the authority responsible for their safety, after they have despaired of the policy of procrastination, lack of response, absence of the language of reason and dialogue, and falsification of facts by official institutions such as the National Institution for Human Rights and the Ombudsman.

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