HRW: F1 Complicit in Whitewashing Bahrain's Dismal HR Record

2023-03-06 - 1:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human Rights Watch stressed that "Formula 1" is complicit with governments that use international sporting events to whitewash their dismal rights record.

HRW said that Formula 1's new season is starting in Bahrain, where authorities have a track record of serious human rights abuses.

It explained that "Bahrain's 2022 Parliamentary elections were neither free nor fair," reminding that "26 Bahrainis remain on death row following manifestly unfair trails. Brave opposition figures and human rights defenders, including Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja and abduljalil Al-Singace remain in prison."

It commented on the F1 claims it can be a force for change in countries like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, demanding it to adopt and implement a human rights policy.

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